Spectrum Tube EHV power supply without tubes

Spectrum Tube EHV power supply without tubes

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Spectrum Tube EHV power supply w/out tubes

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The IEC 'Spectrum Lamp Power Supply' must not be confused with the Spectral Lamp Power Supply (HL3795-001). It is a self contained unit that runs from 240V.AC mains. A stainless steel rod and sliding clamp supports various lengths of 'Spectrum Discharge Tube' and a very high voltage is applied. The high voltage terminal is recessed in a deep socket on the top face of the instrument. The mains cable is removable. Many different spectrum tubes are available containing different gases. These gases emanate various specific wavelengths of light from the thin middle section of the tube. NOTE: The hydrogen gas discharge tube requires the highest voltage for correct operation and the IEC power supply provides the correct voltage.

Made in Australia.