Microscopes lamps, 12V x 24W - clear window, QI

Microscopes lamps, 12V x 24W - clear window, QI

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Microscope lamp, 12V x 20W - clear window

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This Microscope Lamp is for use on 12V.AC or DC power supply. It uses a 12V 20W QI/halogen lamp with inbuilt reflector. It runs much cooler and provides a much brighter and whiter beam of light to the subject of illumination. The whole instrument is virtually unbreakable.

The stainless steel stand is very strong, simple and effective and it holds the microscope lamp body together. To remove the lamp, it is necessary to pull firmly to 'spring off' the stand.

A 2 core cable 1m long with moulded, stackable 4mm banana plugs fitted, connects the lamp to 12V.AC or DC power and one lamp can plug into the socket of any other lamp so there is no need to run each lamp back to the 12V power supply.