Electronics & photonics kit

Electronics & photonics kit

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The Electronics/Photonics trainer removes the concern and worry from instructors regarding electronic theory and provides a fast path to teaching the subject effectively. The equipment design and the student and teacher notes allows the student to work with minimal supervision but to achieve a good result.

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The specially designed kit permits excellent experiments to be performed to fit the Australian year 11 and 12 curriculum. Teachers do not need electronics training.

A complete set experiment sheets and student notes are available on a CD separately to cover the subject. Nine sheets in correct sequence are designed for students to gain the knowledge to understand the operation of many electronic components and the circuits that transmits music using light via and optical fibre cable.

The students study resistance, capacitors and circuits that include the following devices: Resistors, Diodes, Photo Diode, Photo Transistor, LDR, Thermistor, LED, Capacitors, Transistor amplifier, Opto transmitter with a length of fibre optic cable for data transmission using light. The ‘headphone output’ from a portable radio or CD player is ideal for driving the system and all cables required are included in the kit. The quality of the music transmitted by light is amazing.

The instrument is complete with inbuilt 9V regulated power supply that can be powered by 12V.AC or DC mains adaptor (Plug Pak) or any LV power supply. A small audio amplifier with speaker is inbuilt. Set up and pack away time is less than a minute.