Electrodes s/steel, with lamp

Electrodes s/steel, with lamp

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Electrodes s/steel plates, fixed - lamp & terms.
$34.10 Incl. GST
Electrodes s/steel rods, fixed - lamp & 4mm skt
$23.10 Incl. GST
Electrodes s/steel rods, fixed - lamp & leads.
$35.20 Incl. GST
Electrodes s/steel, adjustable - 10mm sq. faces
$37.40 Incl. GST

IEC makes a number of different stainless steel electrode sets used mainly for measuring or comparing conductivity of liquids. Some have lamps connected in series with the plates and some have fixed or adjustable plates while others have fixed stainless steel rods.

Review the link below to understand the differences.


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