Circular motion apparatus, w/speed control

Circular motion kit, electric, with speed control

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Circular motion apparatus, w/speed control

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The Circular Motion Kit permits the swinging of a mass in a circular orbit under controlled conditions. Measurements are made on orbit diameter, mass of the projectile and revolutions per minute. Mechanical experiments on circular motion can be performed with excellent accuracy.


• Motor and disc, mounted on support tube with cable and banana plugs. Runs from a transformer or low voltage power supply (from 8 to 12V AC or DC). This motor unit is complete with its electronic speed controller to adjust and maintain small but steady rotational power to maintain the circular motion of the masses.

• 3 x Special rubber masses, approx. 20mm diam x 4g, 25mm diam x 8g, 32mm diam x 16g, with measurement reference line, mass in grams marked on each and loop for attachment to light chain or cord.

• 3 x Pieces of very light alloy chain cut to different lengths.

• 4 x Metal clips to connect each chain to a mass and the motor disc.

• 1 x Set of experiment notes (by Bruce Saunders). 

A modern and new way to perform circular motion experiments in the classroom.  Compact design.  Retort stand and power supply not included.

Made in Australia.