Wind Power Kit, Gigo

Wind Power Kit, Gigo

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Build 2 large wind turbines, which are almost 1 meter high!  Then use the energy generated by the wind turbine to switch on on a diode or to recharge a battery.  Study what the difference in the design of the wings make to the wind turbine.

Then use the motor to build 6 other models, all of which can move.

The guide contains detailed pictures describing how the models are assembled. In addition, the guide (in English) contains explanations of concept and operation, so that you can also gain a greater understanding of the principles of wind turbines.

The set contains 133 parts.

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This kit helps students explore the power of wind! Store wind energy and use it to activate the models. Build your own wind generator to produce electricity or build your own wind powered vehicle.

Comes with 133pcs and a 40-page colour instructions manual.

Builds 2 windmills and 6 model vehicles.