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Water Still

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Produce distilled water at your convenience.  This compact and sturdy water still is simple to operate.  No filters or consumables required.

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Water distiller 4L capacity. Sturdy construction, 580W, 240V.
Durable, yet lightweight and compact. Boil dry protection
Effectively removes poisonous chemicals, dissolved solids and contaminants.
Produces around 700ml-1000ml distilled water per hour
Instructions included.

1x Water Distiller
1x Water container
1x Instructions
1x Detergent
1x Cable

To obtain distilled water for the classroom add normal tap water and boil it to create large amounts of steam. Then cool the steam so that it condenses and returns to its liquid state. Any impurities that were in the tap water are now left behind inside the boiling vessel and only the pure water has been carried over into your receiving vessel and you have obtained distilled water. The unit contains an electric fan in the lid that draws in air at room temperature and blows it over and through hundreds of cooling fins on a stainless steel pipe. As steam passes through this air cooled pipe, it condenses inside the pipe and dribbles from the end of the pipe into your container. When it has evaporated all its water, it turns itself OFF and the indicator lamp is extinguished to advise the user. The stainless steel container is seamless and has no holes and cannot leak water. The heating element is under the tank and cannot contact the water. The time taken to get the water to boiling point varies as to how much water is placed in the container to boil. Dimensions approx 36cmm H x 24cm W