Van De Graaff generator large 400 kV, variable speed (new)

Van De Graaff generator large 400 kV, variable speed (new)

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LARGE, NEW MODEL 400kV, 220/240V.AC.

This 250mm Van De Graaff is a modern, compact and robust instrument that is specially designed with all parts fully exposed for use in the classroom. Supplied with earth cable, spare charging belt and spare motor drive belt.

Note: The Van De Graaff base can be earthed to any large metal earthed object. Metal window frame, large filing cabinet, metal sink, water taps or a wire to outside water tap or spike into the ground.


Output: EM4134-001 400kV under good conditions. Approx. 15cm spark gap

Discharge ball: 80mm.D. with insulated handle and earth terminal connection

Charging Belt: 55mm wide silicone rubber

Drive belt: Belt driven from a speed controlled DC electric motor

Height: 800mm

Main ball: 250mm

Made in Australia by IEC.