Superconductivity Kit

Superconductivity Kit

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Provides the dramatic demonstration of the Meissner effect, or magnetic levitation
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This superconductivity kit features a large superconductive 'wafer' formulated from the oxides of Yttrium, Barium, and Copper in the famous 1-2-3 chemical combination. The 'wafer' has a critical temperature of 92° Kelvin.

Chill the 'wafer' to 77° Kelvin with liquid nitrogen and it produces a striking Meissner Effect (magnetic levitation) when the neodymium magnet is introduced.


Kit Includes:
• One Super Conductive 'wafer'
• One Neodymium Magnet
• One Petri Dish
• Low Temperature Plastic Forceps

Note: Liquid nitrogen not included.  Older style super conductive disc has been replaced by a super conductive 'wafer' which does not have a shelf life.