Superconductivity Kit

Superconductivity Kit

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Provides the dramatic demonstration of the Meissner effect, or magnetic levitation

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Demonstrate Superconductivity.  Comes with instruction book.

- Petri Dish
- Magnet
- Superconductivity Disc (handle with care) *not pictured
- Plastic forceps

Additional DISC information:
Disc Size: 29mm d x 2.9mm thick

Disc lifespan: depends on maintenance (approx. 2 years) Humidity, moisture and water will break the disc down. When the crystals break down they will produce a whitish haze. You increase their life span by storing them protected in a feezer or refrigerator to keep the humidity down.

You can place the disc in a small oven at 150 deg c. after use just to dry them out.

Note: Liquid nitrogen not included.