Sphygmomanometer, Digital, Wrist Model

Sphygmomanometer, Digital, Wrist Model

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Modern sleek design that uses Fuzzy Logic

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This unit adopts the oscillometric technology with Fuzzy Algorithm measuring the arterial blood pressure and pulse rate.

Fuzzy Algorithm is the processing algorithm taking into account the difference in individual heartbeats which provides high accuracy of measurement.

The wrist cuff is wrapped around the wrist and automatically inflated by the air pump. The sensor catches weak fluctuation of the pressure int he wrist cuff produced by extension and contraction of the artery in response to each heartbeat.


    • Automatically inflates to correct pressure
    • 90 sets of memories
    • Display of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate simultaneously
    • Automatic power off after 3 minutes of no operation
    • Low battery indication
    • One-touch operation