Signal Generator ‘Tri-Mode’ P/Supply & Signal Generator

Signal Generator ‘Tri-Mode’ P/Supply & Signal Generator

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Power Supply, Signal Generator and Audio Amplifier with built-in speaker in one unit.

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The IEC "TriMode" Signal Generator has been available for many years but it has been recently re-modelled and upgraded. It is really 3 instruments in one so that many electronic experiments can be performed without need of extra equipment. The TriMode provides the user with: 1) A metered and regulated +/- 1.2-20V.DC power supply at 250mA output. 2) An excellent high power Signal Generator from 0.1 to 100kHz. 3) An audio amplifier with high and low sensitivity inputs, oscilloscope output and internal speaker.

The signal generator output is selectable to be sine, triangular or square in shape and the unit will supply high currents directly to loads which makes an external amplifier unnecessary.

Instructions included.  Made in Australia.