Rattlebacks, 10 pack

Rattlebacks, 10 pack

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Spin this curious rattleback on a table and be amazed by the way it moves!

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Shake, rattle and roll with the curious Rattleback. You'll be amazed when you spin the rattleback on a table. In one direction, it spins smoothly, while in the other... it oscillates wildly and begins spinning in the other direction!

These discs may seem symmetrical, but their rotation will leave you scratching your head and wanting to know more. Discover the mystery behind the rattleback.

Also known as a celt, these curious objects are believed to have been used by ancient druids to convince people of their power!

Includes 10 rattlebacks in a variety of colours.

How Does it Work?

The Rattleback is a long and thin half elliptical shape formed in plastic so that it has a slightly offset center of gravity. This offset gravity causes the Rattleback to spin in directional rotation of choice, usually counterclockwise.

If you attempt to spin the Rattleback in the clockwise direction, strong preference will cause the Rattleback to "rattle" back and forth after few rotations, stopping and then reversing the rotation back to the preferred clockwise direction. The directional preference is so strong that if the Rattleback is at a stand still and you push down on one end it will begin turning.