Microsense Pulse Monitor

Microsense Pulse Monitor

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Pulse Monitor - with ear / finger clip. Counts & waveform

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Microsense Sensors For Voyager & Observer Loggers

Description: The LogIT Pulse monitor is clipped to the ear or finger. It is designed to take quick measurements before and after exercise. It is not able to take reliable readings during exercise due to the limitations of an ear or finger style of clip which detects minute changes of blood pressure in the vein using infra red. The reliability of readings during exercise can be improved by either encasing the finger in a paper cowling of dark paper or ensure the finger is stationary during exercise eg. handle bars of an exercise bike. It is particularly suited to class use where pulse measurements on different students can be taken quickly without out the need to attach anything to the chest.

Scale: Heart rate, 0 to 240 /min (Resolution 1 /min)

Applications: Measuring heart rate and its effects from exercise.