Power Supply E.H.V., 0-6000V.DC/3mA & voltmeter

Power Supply E.H.V., 0-6000V.DC/3mA & voltmeter

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Power Supply E.H.V., 0-5000V.DC/3mA & voltmeter

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The IEC Extra High Voltage Power Supply (2x 6.3V.AC @ 4amps, 3,000 / 0 / 3,000V.DC) is an important and special power supply for running Spectrum tubes or Teltron tubes or for charging Aepinus capacitors or many other functions. Designed to have very poor regulation such that as current is drawn, the voltage falls quickly. Upon a short circuit, the current is limited to 3mA for safety for students. The low voltage is provided as 2x 6.3V.AC. 4A outputs which are normally used for running heaters of electron tubes.

Made in Australia.