Models, Molymod, Teach.Set, 108 atoms

Models, Molymod, Teach.Set, 108 atoms

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Models, Molymod, Teach.Set, 94 atoms
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Contains a total of 108 atom parts plus links:

14 x Carbon, 4-holes tetrahedral, black
6 x   Carbon, 5-holes trigonal bipyramid, black
12 x Hydrogen,1-hole, white
2 x   Hydrogen, 2-holes linear, white
6 x   Nitrogen, 4-holes tetrahedral, blue
4 x   Nitrogen, 3-holes pyramidal, blue
13 x Oxygen, 2-holes angular, red
4 x   Oxygen, 4-holes tetrahedral, red
5 x   Oxygen, 1-hole, red
8 x   Sulphur, 2-holes angular, yellow
4 x   Sulphur, 4-holes tetrahedral, yellow
1 x   Sulphur, 6-holes octahedral, yellow
4 x   Phosphorus, 4-holes tetrahedral, purple
1 x   Phosphorus,  5-holes trigonal bipyramid, purple
2 x   Phosphorus, 3-holes pyramidal, purple
8 x   Halogen, 1-hole, green
4 x   Metal, 1-hole, grey
3 x   Metal,  2-holes angular, grey
2 x   Metal,  3-holes pyramidal, grey
4 x   Metal, 4-holes tetrahedral, grey
1 x   Metal,  6-holes octahedral, grey
38 x Links, medium, grey, ML-12
36 x Links,  flexible long, grey, ML-13
12 x Links, medium, purple, ML-11

Supplied in one large compartment box.

Includes product information and instructions for building over 30 molecules.