Models (3B brand), Brain, life size, 4 parts

Models (3B brand), Brain, life size, 4 parts

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Models, Brain (3B brand), 4 parts, life size

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This brain anatomy model is an accurate reproduction of the human brain that has been medially divided to allow inspection of the internal anatomical structures. 

The structures of the brain are numbered and can be identified in the manual provided, and are all hand painted. The right half of the brain is made up of 4 removable parts: the frontal with parietal lobes; brain stem with temporal and occipital lobes; and half of the cerebellum. The brain model comes on a removable base. 

The brain's right half can be disassembled into: 


  • Frontal with parietal lobes
  • Brain stem with temporal and occipital lobes
  • Half of cerebellum

On base with key card. Measures 14 x 14 x 17.5cm, weighing 0.66kg.