Miracle Mirror, concave/convex mirror on stand

Miracle Mirror, concave/convex mirror on stand

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This mirror will amaze students.  Many applications!

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This is a plastic hemisphere covered with aluminum.  14cm in diameter.

The back side functions as a concave mirror and the front as a convex mirror.

Reflections of the same object on opposite sides are dramatically different.

The best feature of this mirror is the life-like image it projects. A viewer will be surprised to see his or her own image reflected in the concave mirror as if it were another real person.

 Look at yourself using the concave side of the mirror -  why are you upside down?


1. A life-like image appears when an object is placed before the concave mirror side.

2. Attach a tiny object like a pin to the edge of a piece of cardboard. Place it upside-down in front of the concave mirror. Even though an image of the object will be projected as though it were a real object, the viewer cannot actually touch it. (See related image)

3. Direct the light from a flashlight onto the real image side and the mirror will reflect a shadow.

4. Expose the concave mirror to sunlight and place a piece of paper at its focal point. The paper will set aflame.

5. The distance between two objects appears greater when reflected in the convex mirror.

6. Fill four-fifths of the concave mirror with water. When an object is placed before the mirror, it appears as if the object is rising up out of the water.


To see the above experiments visit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEILqBLcjMY