Microscopes lamps, 240V x 25W - clear window.

Microscopes lamps, 240V x 25W - clear window.

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Microscope lamp, 240V x 25W - clear window

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This Microscope is 220/240V mains operated and uses a 25W pearl lamp. The front glass of the lamp can be either clear (this unit) or a blue tint (2161001) to compensate for the red content of the incandescent light and to make the light whiter in colour. The whole instrument is virtually unbreakable.

The stainless steel stand is very strong, simple and effective and it holds the microscope lamp body together. To remove the lamp, it is necessary to pull firmly to 'spring off' the stand.

A 2 core mains cable 1m long connects the lamp to power.

NOTE: This unit is not tested as a 'double insulated' device, therefore it cannot wear the logo. The housing is non metallic and the lamp socket is for 2 connections only and is fully approved. This lamp cannot use an earth wire, therefore a 2 pin plug and a 2 core flex is fitted.