LogIT Observer

LogIT Observer

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LogIT Observer datalogger
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LogIT Observer datalogger, 5 pack
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LogIT Observer datalogger, 10 pack
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For the modern science lab. Working with up to 4 sensors at a time, it will show readings on its bright clear screen as a meter display or, at the touch of a button, it will record them into its built in datalogger memory and display them as a graph.

Main features include:

    • One touch logging - easy to use
    • Over 50 Microsense® sensors and adapters available
    • Super low power - 2 x standard AA Alkaline batteries will last for months – so always ready to use
    • Timing options built in: Time, Speed, Acceleration and SHM. Supports Picket fence, Double and Single interrupt cards
    • (High resolution - better than 1µs!)
    • Splashproof face keeps it safe from lab spills or rain showers
    • Stores up to 8000 readings per sensor per experiment - 256,000 readings
    • Logs for more than 250 days!
    • USB port for wired connection and powering from a PC or Mac
    • Smart low energy bluetooth wireless built in for any iPad Mini or iPad 3 and above
    • Software for iPad, Windows & Mac included

Meter Logging

- Autolog – just press “Start” to start logging and “Stop” to stop

- Set Log Rate – set the experiment duration and sample rate

- Snapshot – store the sensor readings every time the “Store” button is pressed

- Triggered – starts logging when an event happens, such as dropping a magnet through a coil

Recommended accessories

    • Light Level D100159
    • Temperature D100047
    • Sound Level D100060


Using either Single, Double or Picket Fence interrupt cards

- Time at A

- Time at A and B

- Time from A to B

- Time at A, from A to B, and B

- Speed at A

- Speed at A and B

- Acceleration at A

- Simple Harmonic Motion

- Stopwatch / Timer

Recommended accessories

    • Sound Wave x 2 D100060
    • Light Level D100159 Smart Eye sensor
    • Voltage measurement set D100045 (+/- 25v lead, 15 piece test lead set)
    • +/- 1250mv (Redox adapter) D100139
    • Pulse Monitor D100092


- Power - 2 x AA or USB when connected

- Display - low power backlit 128 x 64 monochrome LCD, designed for indoor and outdoor use

- Connectivity – USB and Low power Bluetooth

- Sensor Socket – 4 x microsense