Linear Expansion apparatus

Linear Expansion apparatus

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Linear Expansion apparatus full apparatus
$264.00 $240.00
Linear Expansion apparatus spare - Brass Expansion Tube.
$12.65 $11.50
Linear Expansion apparatus spare - Copper Expansion Tube.
$12.65 $11.50
Linear Expansion apparatus spare - Aluminium Expansion Tube.
$12.65 $11.50

This unit is designed to demonstrate and measure linear expansion that occurs when metal is heated. Several tubes of different metals are supplied to provide comparisons in expansions.

Steam, which is supplied by the user, is passed through a metal tube of known length. As the tube increases in length, the change is measured on a large sensitive dial indicator.

The various metal tubes are easy and quick to load and the indicator can easily be zeroed before heat is applied. A thermometer socket is provided in the instrument to measure the actual temperature of the steam when accurate results are required.  

Metals provided: aluminium, brass, and copper. 500mm long.  Spare tubes available.

Instructions included.  Made in Australia.

Size: 610x60x80mm LxWxH