Microsense HumiPro Humidity Sensor - Fast response

Microsense HumiPro Humidity Sensor - Fast response

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HumiPro Humidity Sensor-Fast response Range 0-100%

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Microsense Sensors For Voyager & Observer Loggers

Description: An extended range Humdity sensor in a robust aluminium casing, for applications requiring a fast response with high accuracy and resolution over the entire 0 to 100% relative Humidity range (non-condensed).

Range: 0 to 100% relative Humidity

Nominal accuracy: +/- 4% over 1 to 80% range

Response time: 90% of response for 70% step change <1.5 seconds

Temperature range: -20 to 80 degrees C

Applications: Rate of transpiration and humidity, environment studies (weather), moisture in breath, moisture from burning fuels. Oftenused with a sensor extension lead.