Gas Leak Detector

Gas Leak Detector

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Gas Leak Detector

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Gas leaks can be incredibly dangerous, even small ones. Runa quick check over your lab or gas burners and outlets to make sure all are safely sealed. Hold the power button for afew seconds and then place the detector near the suspected leak and visual/audible warnings will sound if the leak is bad,moderate or safe. Red (Hi), orange (Lo), and green (safe)LEDs denote the severity of the leak.

Indications include:

- Green - Power on with short beep / safe with no alarm

- Yellow - Lo alarm with short beep >2000ppm (0.2%) ofmethane (natural gas) detected

- Red - Hi alarm with longbeep >4000ppm (0.4%)of methane (natural gas)detected


    • Measurement ranges: 0-10,000 ppm
    • Auto power off: Approximately 3 minutes
    • Sensor detects butane, propane, acetylene, and methane (natural gas)