Electrostatic kits ‘Nuffield’ type.

Electrostatic kits ‘Nuffield’ type.

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A more advanced kit for the teaching of electrostatics

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This is a more advanced kit for the teaching of electrostatics. It includes an IEC metal vane electroscope and other components for more advanced experiments.

Kit includes:
• 1x Electroscope, Metal Vane. With standard disc electrode.
• 1x Proof Plane on insulated handle. 20mm diameter.
• 1x Electrophorus with insulating plates. 50mm diam.
• 4x Pith Balls (coated with a conductive film)
• 1x Nylon Filament for suspending pith balls x25m
• 2x Aluminium Cans. 60x30mm diam.
• 2x Polythene Tiles for insulation. 100x100x3mm thick
• 1x Polythene Strip. 200x25x3mm thick
• 1x Acrylic Strip. 200x25x3mm thick
• 1x Wire Stirrup for supporting insulating strips.
• 1x Rubbing Cloth, flannelette. 150x150mm