Chladni's plates, set of 2, c/with violin bow & sand

Chladni's plates, set of 2, c/with violin bow & sand

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Demonstrate vibrating patterns & the calculation of the speed of sound for different gases

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Chladni's Plates kit is a pair of square and round bronze plates, about 150mmD, mounted centrally to a clamp that can fix the discs to a bench so they are rigid but can freely vibrate when agitated with a violin bow. A small amount of special sand is placed on the plate, the plate is lightly touched with the finger and a certain point and the resin coated bow is passed across the edge of the plate so it vibrates at its natural frequency. The sand collects on the plate in the form of complex patterns.

For showing vibration patterns and nodal lines on flat surfaces.  Important in the design of bowed instruments.

Instructions included.  Made in Australia.