Calorimeter, IEC

Calorimeter, Joule's, IEC

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Product Name Qty
Calorimeter, 2ohm, with 75 x 50mm cup, lid & insert
$38.50 $35.00
Calorimeter, Insert & stirrer only, 2ohm
$26.62 $24.20
Calorimeter, Insulating box & lid for 75 x 50 mm cup
$6.71 $6.10
Calorimeter, spare element, 2ohm
$4.18 $3.80
Calorimeter cup, nickel-plated, 75 x 50mm
$14.30 $13.00

The Calorimeter is used for heating liquids (usually water) to determine the electrical equivalent of heat required to raise the temperature of a given weight of water a given number of degrees. The unit consists of an insulated top plate, two 4mm diameter socket head terminals, a small heating element of approx. 2 ohm resistance and a plastic stirrer which is captive on the heater support pins.  An insulating cup is available.

Made in Australia by IEC.  Instructions included.