Australian Rock Kit, for schools by TESEP

Australian Rock Kit by TESEP

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This kit is one of the best rock collections available anywhere in the world.  Large samples.  Asbestos free.

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This kit comprises of three large rock sets, totalling 29 pieces, especially designed for Australian schools as part of the Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP).  The kit includes one free rock kit professional development session (PD), for one teacher (valued at $55), plus access to online support and extension material once a PD is attended.  The PD can be a face-to-face event or an online webinar.  Please visit for details. 

This kit is one of the best rock collections available anywhere in the world and assembled by a dedicated team of TESEP geoscientists.  A Plate Tectonics Poster, which shows the rock type locations (item code P226), is also available and forms an integral part of the teaching of this Australian rock kit.

The rock set includes 10 sedimentary, 9 metamorphic and 10 igneous samples that are all:

  • Large palm sized samples so key features can be studied
  • Completely safe, free from asbestos, asbestos-like minerals and other toxic materials. Each rock sample has been inspected by TESEP geoscientists.
  • Guaranteed to be what we say they are
  • Labelled with numbers with a list to ensure you always know which is which
  • Nicely boxed, one box for each rock type (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary)
  • Collected from reliable sources for ease of replacement

In addition, by registering for a free PD session (valid for one person), you will have access to:

  • Stories about each rock, where they come from and how they formed
  • Question and Answer materials to support student inquiry
  • Extension materials including virtual 3D versions online and virtual thin sections to see what they are like on the inside

Register for your free PD session at

Dimensions: 350 x 270mm x 100mm (W x D x H) each of 3 boxes.  This is a bulky item and may incur additional freight charges.