Air track

Air track

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Air track, 2.0m air tube, assembly & operation kit
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Air track, 2.5m air tube, assembly & operation kit
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Air source for air track and table
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The IEC ‘Linear Air Track’ facilitates the study of mechanics, both quantitatively and qualitatively, by providing an almost friction free system on which a large range of experiments may be performed.

A long straight triangular shaped tube is mounted on three adjustable feet so that the tube can be made level. The sloping sides of this tube have small holes drilled and air is pumped into the tube from an air blower. Air passes out the small holes in the sloping sides. Anodised aluminium ‘Gliders’ with a 90 degree internal angle are placed on the air tube and they float on the air passing from the holes. They slide back and forth on the tube with almost zero friction.

Spring bumpers are fitted to the ends of the gliders so that when they collide they rebound with almost zero lost energy. Various weights and attachments can be fitted to the gliders for performing various experiments. The motion of the gliders is measured and studied to understand the fundamental principles of motion, mass and direction. 

Kit includes - air track, 2x long and 2x short gliders, spring buffers, non-spring buffers, various springs, track pulley, loop springs, magnets, weights, inclination blocks and instructions.

Note: An air source is required (not included), see item 0115002.