Test kits, nitrite, 100 tests

Test kits, nitrite, 100 tests

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Test kits, phosphate, 50 tests

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The HI3873 is a colorimetric chemical test kit that determines the nitrite concentration in samples within a 0.0 to 1.0 mg/L (ppm) range as nitrite-nitrogen (NO2--N). The HI3873 is supplied with all of the necessary reagents and equipment to perform the analysis. The test kit contains enough reagents for perform approximately 100 tests.

Method Colorimetric
Range 0.0 to 1.0 mg/L NO₂⁻-N
Resolution 0.2 mg/L
Chemical Method Chromotropic acid
Number of Tests 100
Weight 169 g

Nitrites can be harmful to aquatic organisms even in low concentrations and for this reason, they are closely monitored in aquaculture facilities. In cooling towers, however, an adequate amount of nitrites is necessary to prevent corrosion. In high concentrations, they can be harmful to the environment and to humans. They are, therefore, normally monitored to verify the quality of water for domestic use, as well as lakes and ponds.

Nitrites are an intermediate product in the nitrogen cycle and are produced by ammonia oxidation with water, or even originate in industrial waste directly. They must not be present in drinking water.