Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 50MHz, 2 channel

Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 50MHz, 2 channel

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2-channel, 50MHz, digital oscilloscope

$715.00 $650.00
This digital storage oscilloscope is a 2-channel, 50MHz, economical type digital oscilloscope. This oscilloscope features a 7" high resolution LCD colour display, front-sided USB CI design and ultra-thin device body.
  • Large 7" high resolution LCD display (800x480)
  • Sample rate 500MS/s
  • Friendly UI interaction - easy-accessible operation menu ensures users retrieve results conveniently
  • Windows extension facilitates the observation of abnormal signal from full waveforms
  • 30 auto-measurement options
  • DC, AC and GND input couplings
  • 8 bit vertical resolution (A/D) (2 channels simultaneously)
  • 5mV/div - 5V/div vertical sensitivity (at input)
  • Edge & video trigger types
  • Auto, normal and single trigger modes
  • Dimensions - 301x152x70mm
  • Device weight - 1.1kg


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