LogIT Voyager

LogIT Voyager datalogger

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Ideal Datalogging System for Senior Schools
$574.75 $522.50

Create an active learning environment that motivates students while delivering superior experiences. LogIT Voyager employs advanced technology to meet all the demands of data logging in secondary science with amazing simplicity. 

• 3 LogIt Sensor Input
• Voyager remote datalogger with display
• Built-in HiTemp temperature sensor (-10 to +110˚C)
• Built-in SmartEye Light level (20,000LUX) & Timing sensor
• USB computer cable
• 42 page instruction & experiment handbook
• Single Carry case
• SensorLab for Voyager Single User License for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux on multi platform CD

List of available sensors at below link:

LogIt Sensors

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