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littleBits Stem Student Kit

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littleBits Stem Student Kit
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LittleBits makes a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks for you to create inventions large and small. Bits™ snap together with magnets, making it the fastest, easiest way to learn and invent with electronics

This littleBits education kit is the easiest way to integrate powerful STEM learning into your classroom. It includes everything you need to engage up to 4 students.


  • 8 Invention challenges, detailed instructions and companion lessons

  • Invent a self-driving vehicle and more!

  • 72-Page student invention guide for groups, teacher-led or self-guided learning

  • 100+ Page online teacher’s guide with lessons and tips

  • Printable invention logs to guide students’ documentation & reflection

  • Hundreds of lessons and challenges at littlebits.Cc/student-set and on the littlebits app

  • 19 Bits including 2 power, 5 input, 8 output 4 wire and 47 accessories