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littleBits Base Inventor Kit

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littleBits Base Inventor Kit

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The Base Inventor Kit from littleBits includes everything creative kids need
to turn their ideas into inventions! With a range of Bits that move, light up,
and make noise, kids gain STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,
Mathematics) skills by learning how technology is built. Over 12 activities
in the free Inventor App guide kids through building fun inventions, like a
voice-activated robotic gripper arm or a room-protecting intruder alarm.
Then kids are challenged to create their own inventions to improve their
room, help their community, or save the world. Through hands-on play, kids
gain lifelong skills to become changemakers through invention. Product
features include in-app instructions for over 12 activities, tech sensors,
paper templates, mounting boards, LED light, motor, stickers, free Inventor
App, and battery.

Product Details
• Complete kit: 10 Bits, 9 paper templates, 3 accessories, 9V battery with
cable, and free app with instructions.
• Free Inventor App: over 12 activities with step-by-step instructions and
tutorials that guide kids through building and customizing fun inventions to
improve their rooms, help their communities, or save the world.
• Customizable inventions: fun activities help kids unleash their creativity by
customizing their inventions or creating their own.
• Modular system: all littleBits electronic blocks (even in other kits!) can be
combined and reconfigured to create brand-new inventions.
• Smart device required for video instructions: Inventor App requires either
iPhone (iOS 10.0 or later) or Android (5.0 or later) is required. Amazon
devices are not compatible at this time.